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Camille Corsage

Status: Deceased 07/23/15
Gender: Female
Age: Young (2-5 Years)
Size: Tweenie (12-16 lbs)
Color: Chocolate
Coat: Smooth
From Cindy
God rest her sweet little soul. After fighting a long battle with Distemper, Camille knew we gave it our all and knew how much we wanted her to be pain free. She knew it was the right decision. She was still struggling to breathe, even on oxygen, and her sunken eyes showed her pain. I spent nearly an hour with her, letting her know how special she was and how much she mattered. Camille let out a huge sigh of relief as she crossed over, then ran to catch up with many friends waiting for her at the bridge. RIP sweet Camille.

From Marcie
She was a beauty. I'm so glad I was able to hold her the last two nights. Her little body just gave out. Thank you Cindy and Brenda for all the running back and forth for her. Very sad day for me.

From Suzanne
On the night we lost Camille, I took the dogs out one last time before bed and noticed a tiny flower bud (the very first one) on a "volunteer" plant that had come up in my garden. I had left the little weed alone because I thought it looked like it might be a periwinkle (I don’t have these anywhere else in my yard). The next day, it opened up, and sure enough, it’s a beautiful little periwinkle. I’d like to believe this is Camille’s way of letting us know she’s ok.

From Brenda
Here is my flower from Camille. I had planned to dig this plant up today, but when I went out this morning it was blooming! I know Camille was happy to have all the tubes out, to be able to walk around, to eat yummy home cooked food, and most of all, to have someone snuggle with her (her favorite past time). RIP my sweet Camille.

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