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Gabby Glitter ("Luna Licorice")

Status: Adopted 01/03/15
Gender: Female
Age: Young (1-5 Years)
Size: Mini (< 12 lbs)
Color: Black & Tan Dapple
Coat: Smooth

We have had Gabby Glitter for two months now, and we couldn't ask for a better match! The day we first met her was on January 3rd when I went to Ms. Marcie's house to meet some of the available dogs. While I did not plan to bring home one of them that day, Gabby ran up to me, jumped onto my lap, and started to give me kisses! She was no doubt the sweetest dog I had ever met!

We decided to bring her home with us that very day, and our adventures with Gabby began! On the car ride home, I wrapped her in her pink blanket and held her tightly as she licked my face, wondering where we were headed next. We decided to bring her home first, and she knew right away that she was finally home! She ran straight to the couch, waiting for someone to rub her belly and snuggle with her. Our next stop was PetCo to buy her dog food and treats, and her tail could not stop wagging! Gabby went up to almost everyone near her reach just to give them a sniff or a lick, then walk off. She is certainly a very friendly girl, but her excitement could not be contained because she even took treats and toys off of the bottom shelves when we we not looking! The first day we had her, we not only welcomed her into our home, but also into our hearts.

Since her adoption, we have renamed her Luna Licorice! I decided to start calling her Luna two days after having her. The name suited her very well, and she responded to it right away.

Little Miss Luna has gone on many trips to the dog park with us and has taken several walks walks around the neighborhood, and she loves them! Luna's favorite part about the dog park is introducing herself to all of the new people! If she notices someone sitting alone on a nearby bench, she will make it her job to make them smile, even if that means jumping into the bench to direct their attention away from their phone! While she is super friendly with people, she is sometimes a little bit shy with other dogs when she first meets them. She prefers that I walk up with her to meet her new friends at the park, but then she is off playing with her friends! Luna will follow them, roll around in the grass, and sometimes run with them! Most of her friends have been other friendly dachshunds, which is wonderful!

When we first took Luna to the park, I had so many fears of her running away since she was a stray. Now I no longer have this fear because I know no matter what, Luna will always come running back to me. A couple of weekends ago, I was talking to the owner of one of Luna's friends as they were bonding together. I kept my eye on her, but as soon as Luna discovered she was too far away from me, she panicked and ran straight into my arms without me having to call her!

We are so blessed to have found DREAM, and even more blessed to have found Luna! Many thanks to everyone who works with this organization, especially those who helped with our adoption, including Ms. Emily, Ms. Marcie, and Ms. Brenda!

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