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Dudley Drumstick

Status: Adopted 01/24/15
Gender: Male
Age: Senior (> 10 Years)
Size: Mini (< 12 lbs)
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
Hi everyone! It’s Julie and Doug back with another adoption story. This little fella is our newest member of our family. Dudley has been with us for four days now. After much discussion over email and phone calls, he and his foster mom Bonnie set up a meet and great at our house last Saturday. We were anxious to see how Dudley and Casper (our December adoption baby) would take to one another.

Dudley got right down to business checking out the house and smelling everything. He was a little overwhelmed with Casper’s energy at first but soon they were tolerating each other better than I had expected. Every now and then Dudley would growl or bark at Casper when he wanted him to calm down. By Saturday evening they were almost in a routine. We had friends over on Saturday evening and the boys were perfect angels. Saturday night Dudley was up and down all night but he was faithful to use his potty pads every time. Thankfully he is small so he doesn’t take up much room in the bed. Sunday was beautiful and they both enjoyed our large back yard and ran and explored. Cassidy walked them in the neighborhood and they both loved it. I’ve shared a few pictures of Doug and the boys napping and just hanging out. Gotta love the smile on Doug’s face… who looks happier, Doug, Casper or Dudley?

Now if you have read Casper's story, then you know that he is deaf. We use hand signals for communicating and Dudley already knows what “outside” and “eat” mean.. what a smart little man! He also has a way of melting your heart. Note the pic of Dudley begging! Those eyes are adorable… Dudley is 9 years old but he looks like the baby because he is so small, especially compared to Casper! So we have a couple of characters now. If they didn’t already have names, I would name them Chico and the man… We are looking forward to traveling with them and hope that Dudley travels as well as Casper.

We wanted to thank Dudley’s foster mom Bonnie for taking care of him and for bringing him to us! We are so lucky to have found Dream Dachshund Rescue! Doug and I keep asking each other, who rescued who?!?!

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