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Ray Roseart ("Raven")

Gender: Male
Age: Adult (6-10 Years)
Size: Mini (< 12 lbs)
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Smooth
My name is Ray (but my foster mom calls me Raven) and I am a Beautiful Boy! I know this because every morning, my foster mom leans over and softly kisses my muzzle and says "wake up my Beautiful Boy". It wasn’t always like that for me. My foster mom discovered me at the Houston Human Society Animal Shelter. My spirit was pretty much gone by then. She could see life had not been kind to me. My ears were torn, I had no tail (but my butt still wiggles when I’m happy) and I’m blind in my left eye. But she looked at me and said, you are unique and special! I will be back for you, so you will know only love and kindness from now on. I gave no indication that I believed her, but one week later, there she was lifting me up in her arms again and carrying me out, I did not know where.

When we arrived to my foster home, she gave me a long warm bath and looked at me and said those words, "What a Beautiful Boy". She laid me in the softest bed, covered me with blankets and I slept for 12 hours straight. When I woke up, I was fed and introduced to my Dachshund brothers and sisters.

Mom says I am real smart, as I caught on to the doggy door really quick. I like having a back yard, but really prefer to snuggle up next to my mom and watch TV. I do not mind my siblings up on the couch with us, as long as they are on the other side. My side is my side...

It took me a few months to relax and start to trust. When I did, I discovered those funny looking things on the floor that my siblings were so fascinated with...well were great! Toys became the best thing ever, and they now belong all to me. So I now gather them all up in a corner on the couch and guard them. Mom will scold me and put them back out for everyone. We will play this game, of me, when she isn’t looking, I will run and get them again. This is such great fun for me, mom...not so much!

I am really good on a leash and enjoy easy walks and love the attention I get from people who stop and ask about me. I love when they scratch my back or give belly rubs. I get along with kids, but real small young ones might not know to be gentle with me. I am not one to chase balls, but do enjoy sitting next to mom trying to get a toy from her.

The ideal home would be an older single person or an older couple who would love a lap dog. Perfect would be if they did not mind me sleeping in bed with them. When I sometimes have a nightmare and cry, mom strokes me softly, letting me know I am save and loved.

To all of you out there who is looking for unique and unconditional dachsie love... my name is Raven and I am a Beautiful Boy!

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