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Maverick Magnolia ("Maverick James")

Status: Adopted 08/01/15, Deceased 12/15/22
Gender: Male
Age: Adult (8-12 Years)
Size: Mini (< 12 lbs)
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
I started fostering for DreamDachs knowing I was watching these homeless babies until they found their furever homes. I had done really well UNTIL MAVERICK. There was just something about Maverick Magnolia (we called him Maverick James). So when I got the call that a potential adopter wanted to meet him, well, I had to give in and accept that Maverick was going to be my foster failure. I'd fallen in love! He had quirky ways that no-one but me could or would understand. Marci L. told me that she knew, before I did, that we had a connection. She was right and Maverick and I kept that bonded connection for nine more years. I loved him and he loved me. (My husband loved him too.)

On December 15th,  Maverick died on the way to the vet because he was so sick. He had been tested about six weeks before and diagnosed with pancreatitis and kidney disease. He succumbed to these diseases.  Now after crossing the Rainbow Bridge, he'll get to see Daisy and Mikah again. Daisy will once again get to mother him and lick away his eye-tears.

My tears will continue for the loss of Daisy and Maverick just five months apart. Maverick, remember, you are missed and FOREVER LOVED!

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