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Comet Candles ("Peach")

Status: Adopted 12/13/20
Gender: Female
Age: Young (2-5 Years)
Size: Tweenie (12-16 lbs)
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
We adopted Peach (formerly known as Comet) in December 2020. The process to adopted her took a few months. While our application was being reviewed, the two dogs I was interested in got adopted. Once my application was approved, the third dog I was interested in was still available. She still needed to be fixed before she could be adopted, though, and the vets were booked over the holidays. It would be two months before she'd be ready. While I was waiting to adopt her, the foster mom sent me several videos/pictures, along with updates on her. We definitely got attached to her before we even met her. While waiting for her spay, her foster mom fell in love her and her husband decided to adopt her as a surprise. This was heartbreaking for me, and I was very upset. I decided to cancel the whole process of adoption. It had been months of a very unpleasant process. I felt like I was trying to do a good thing and adopt a dog who needed love, rather than giving money to a breeder.

Honestly, I just prayed about it, and the next day DREAM called me about a dog who they had taken in the night before. She looked very similar to the dog I fell in love with previously. She had already been fixed and everything was checked out with her. DREAM waived her adoption fee to make up for my bad experience so far. That was definitely appreciated. I drove up (since I live in Corpus) a few days later and picked her up. We are so in love with Peach, and I know now she was meant for my family.

We love her so much. She is the most loving dog I have ever met. She loves children, adults, other animals, actually everyone! She loves attention. She follows me around all day and jumps right in my lap. She loves to be pet constantly. If not, she will nudge or lick me to death. Her favorite thing is our one-mile morning walks. We do one every day. If not, she will throw a fit. It keeps me motivated. She loves riding in the car with me and going to the beach. She is a social butterfly and loves going to family or friend's houses. Everyone loves her. I sometimes wish I would have adopted her brother Pluto and sister Pepper. I was so lucky to meet her brother and sister. I see they both got adopted which makes me super happy. I'm glad they have good homes. Thank you again DREAM for doing your best to resolve a difficult situation. It all worked out in the end. I'm am so blessed to have this sweet baby. I will send some pictures in a separate email. God Bless y'all!

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