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Sammy Salmon 

Status: Available
Adoption Fee: $250
Gender: Male
Age: Young (1-5 Years)
Size: Tweenie (12-16 lbs)
Color: Piebald
Coat: Smooth
Here is an update from Sammy's new foster family: Sammy is doing great. He has adjusted to our home perfectly. He likes to play with his foster siblings and loves to be around his human companion. If Sammy is left alone he will make sure to let you know that he doesn't like it. Sammy has learned to love his crate when we are not home. He goes there with no issues and while he is relaxing he also goes to his crate. He also prefers to sleep with his human companion in the bed. Sammy does love food so you have to watchout for him if your leave food unattended (but what dachshund doesn't love food ???) The family that gets Sammy will surely fall in love with him. Such a sweet pup.

Sammy is a gorgeous piebald tweenie who would do best in a family where someone is home most of the time, or they have the ability to take him with them. Sadly he was a product of Hurricane Harvey, and was left in boarding for over 3 weeks, we think that traumatized him, and has caused him to be extra needy. He's very affectionate, and would be such a loyal littel buddy for someone who enjoys having a shadow! His energy level is moderate, he's not overly active but it would be great for him to go on walks a couple times a day to help with his housetraining. He loves to lay on the couch for TV time, or behind me on my desk chair if I'm on my computer, he just needs to be close to his humans! He doesn't like to be crated and will bark and bark continuously, I believe this behavior will not change over time. He's great with young kids, however he will try to slyly steal their food if they aren't careful! Sammy is lovable, and will flourish with patience, love and a consistent routine.

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