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Rhonda and Richey Perry

Adopted September 15, 2006
Rainbow Bridge January 25, 2019

We began fostering for DRoH in 2006 and that's when we got Rhonda and Richey as a bonded pair. They had been used for breeding and breeding only. They were full of heart worms and almost didn't survive. Thus, my first foster failures. We called her Ronnie most of time but Rhonda Rose was her name. We called Richey, King Richard most of the time. Bless their hearts they were my testers. I learned about the stubbornness especially when it came to house breaking. I learned about losing fingers when passing out treats too. Most everything I needed to learn about Dachshunds came from them. All the attention seeking, mouth kisses, squatting in front of you in house to potty all the while looking at you like "What?". I certainly learned how much they likes to eat. I can tell you this, every puddle of pee, every pile of poo, every dollar spent was worth being Rhonda and Richeys family. Even if Richey never liked Caleb?? we never knew why either. Thank you God for picking me. Time marches on too fast and they just don't live as long as people but every tear and my aching heart was worth their unconditional love. Rhonda, Richey go find Chip, Chili and Bitsy and tell them what's going on at home and who all the newbies are. Y'all are forever in my heart. Love you from your head to your tails.


Our hearts go out to Robin and Marty for the loss of their sweet Rhonda and Richey.


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