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Sasha Lee Abedelfatah

Rainbow Bridge June 10, 2017

Rest in peace, sweet Sasha and Oreo. May you find each other in heaven.

Our hearts go out to Michelle and Ryan for the loss of their precious girl, Sasha.

Sadie Gorman

July 4, 2002 - April 26, 2017

Sadie Gorman, born July 4, 2002, passed away April 26, 2017. Sadie came to live with Christmas and me in 2007. She had been a puppy mill mom for five years and was set free to rescue. I thought Christmas needed a buddy to play with while I was gone (they just needed to sleep while I was gone). They became sisters and fought just like they had been together from day one. Christmas was arrogant and Sadie was passive at all times. After we lost Christmas two years ago, Sadie began to talk! And talk she did very well. It was just I who did not understand dog. She insisted until she got what she wanted. About a month ago she was diagnosed with cancer of the bowel with little chance of survival. Ten days ago she started a rapid decline and today I had to let her go to the Rainbow Bridge. It was hard, but now I know she is running free and the tears fill my eyes. I love you Sadie. Please tell Christmas and Roxi I love them too. - Mom

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Sharon for the loss of her sweet girl, Sadie.

KK Kiani (Carol Brady)

Rescued 5/25/11 - Rainbow Bridge 4/24/17

KK was rescued in 2011 by Dachshund Rescue of Houston as part of an SPCA cruely seizure. She became a Forever Foster due to multiple health problems, including severe dry eye and a heart murmur. Congestive heart failure eventually got the best of her on Monday. KK's wonderful fosters stayed with her through all her issues and did everything they could for her. We know she will be missed.

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to the Kianis for the loss of their special girl.

Diesel Adcock
Rescued 2/6/09, Rainbow Bridge 3/20/17

Diesel was rescued by Dachshund Rescue of Houston in 2009 and was a Forever Foster.

Our hearts go out to the Adcock family for the loss of their precious little guy.

Minnie Pearl Stebbins

We didn't seem to have enough time with Minnie but are so grateful for the time we had. She was such a sweet, stubborn, quiet Dachshund. I think we only heard her bark maybe ten times in the four and a half years she was ours. Amazing, I know! Here are some of our favorite pics of Minnie.

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Scott and Georgianna for the loss of their sweet Minnie Pearl.

Sweet Saucy in her youth

Saucy Caillouet
April 1, 1998 - January 31, 2017

I had to let my sweet Saucy go yesterday. She was down to only 3 lbs 11 oz, was hardly eating anything and could barely keep her balance when she would try to walk. She was still processing fluids and passing urine, but had begun only getting her front paws into the litter box before starting to pee right on the floor; she was also constipated a lot and I was beginning to find little surprises she was dropping off around the house.

All of this and more had me pretty sure the night before that it was time, so I called Dr. Kimberly at Compassionate Pet Vet in the morning to make arrangements. It was my normal telecommute day and the weather was absolutely gorgeous, so I set up my workstation outside with a spot for Saucy right next to me, and we got to spend the whole day together enjoying the sunshine and each other. It was as perfect a day as I had hoped for.

The vet came to the house about 4:30 and she was so sweet and kind and gentle, and I could tell that it really affected her too. She was very professional but not just all cold and clinical and methodical, which I really appreciated. She even choked up a bit at a couple of points, and gave me hugs and lots of comforting words throughout. The process was peaceful and I got to stroke Saucy's head, look into her eyes and tell her goodbye as she went to sleep. There could not have been much doubt in her mind about how much she means to me.

Our hearts go out to Chris for the loss of his beloved Saucy.

Teena Marie Williams
October 19, 1966 - January 24, 2017

Teena Marie Williams, 50, passed away Tuesday, January 24, 2017. Teena was a widow and had no children. She leaves behind her two dachshunds, Buddy and Minnie, whom she loved very much.

Donations, in memory of Teena, can be made to DREAM to help care for Buddy and Minnie until a new home can be found for them.

Jody Perrault Tucker
December 11, 2016

Jody Perrault Tucker, 61, passed away Sunday, December 11th. She was a widow and had no children. She left behind her two beloved dachshunds, Greta and Brindle. These pups were her children and she loved and cared for them so much.

In lieu of flowers, Jody's family has asked that donations be made to DREAM for committing to foster Greta and Brindle until new homes can be found for them.

Sawyer Pringle
Adopted January 13, 2009, Rainbow Bridge November 2016

Our hearts go out to Diane for the loss of her sweet boy Sawyer.

Simon Lavigne
Born July 1998, Rainbow Bridge October 18, 2016

This past Tuesday we met with our vet to help make the difficult decision on our Simon's future. He was getting weaker, his dementia worse and though he still had an appetite and would eat when we sat in floor and hand fed him, he would frequently get too tired to complete his meals. After a lot of tears by all, including our wonderful vet and her tech, it became clear the right thing to do was to let our little boy go. In the past Super Simon had gone downhill and scared us a number of times, but we could see that no amount of special attention and love was going to help him rebound this time.

It would take a book to recall all of the stories and joy Simon brought to our lives, but l want to share the highlights of what made Simon, Simon. We adopted him when he was about six months old and just a tiny adorable little bundle of energy. Throughout his life he held onto several passions, one was running at full blast with no destination for his pure zeal of running and another was that he was fanatical about playing with balls ... in fact, he never saw a ball that he thought was too big to pick up or that he didn't think should belong to him. Look, there's a ball in that yard, mine!!!

I can't leave out Jack's favorite story ... from the beginning I taught Simon not to lick me. However, Jack is not quite the disciplinarian I am and didn't teach this same lesson. In the evening, I usually go to bed early with our gaggle of doxies to watch TV or work on the computer and when Jack would join us it was like Christmas had come every night ... Simon couldn't wait for Jack to get settled in before jumping upon him to begin licking and licking as though he were possessed. Jack even made up a song that went something like, "Gotta lick, gotta lick ..."

Ok, one more story. Being well behaved doesn't always pay off as Simon learned. Our rescue Samantha moved in and took over even though Simon had already been head of the household for about nine years. In polite terms, Samantha was a wonderfully delightful pushy broad. On one occasion, I had bought a package of chocolates and put them on a table out of reach of the pups or so I thought. We left for a while only to return to an empty chocolate package. Of course, it was a weekend so we rushed the doxies to the Emergency Clinic where they had to have treatment to empty their stomachs. It turned out that poor little Simon was totally innocent and had no chocolate in his little tummy ... it had been all Samantha, and Simon had gone through the terrible ordeal for nothing. He got an extra treat the next day, and Samantha did not!

With all of his energy, Simon was still the biggest sweetest cuddle bug I have ever had. He would ask to be picked up and could be perfectly happy being carried around for as long as one of us would do so ... and, of course, no such thing as an empty lap with Simon around. Our two girls want to be picked up, for about a minute, and then they are off to more mischief. Simon slept next to me every night and cuddled up as close as he could get and loved, loved, loved to use either my neck or shoulder as a pillow.

Our loss has left a hole in our little family, but we feel blessed that we had this special guy in our lives for as long as we did. He successfully fought off many health issues during his eighteen years, making us worry more than once that we were going to lose him, and thus earned himself the nickname Super Simon.

RIP our precious Super Simon. We miss you.

Jorgi Bingle
Rainbow Bridge October 8, 2016

Losing two dogs in 24 hours is more than any rescuer should have to endure. I wanted you all to see a picture of beautiful Jorgi. With my motley group, I also told people "that is what a dachshund is supposed look like." He was turned into my vet when his mom went to a nursing home. He had a lot of back problems over the last year and always fought being overweight with thyroid and stomach issues. We did laser treatments and it worked and gave him an extra year, but on Tuesday a CT showed three discs blown and the surgeon didn't think he would be able to repair with any real success with his age. He was in a lot of pain so I had to let him go. It's the dachshund curse. Hug your dachs and keep their weight down to give them the best chance to avoid the curse.

Apollo Bingle
Rainbow Bridge October 7, 2016

It's with a broken heart, I tell you Apollo went to the bridge yesterday. He was in really bad shape when I took him from HSI almost 5 years ago. He had advanced Cushings disease and was thyroid too. Sometime in his life somebody else loved him because he had major back surgery and the scar to prove it. When he first came he wouldn't go outside because he was terrified I would leave him there. We had a good run together and he leaves a giant hole at my house. He loved to piddle around the yard on nice days. As my wonderful holistic vet said "He was like the mascot for rescued dachshunds". Miss you so much buddy!.

Esmeralda Humble
Adopted 4/3/05, Rainbow Bridge 8/31/16

It is with heavy heart, I'm writing to let you know our sweet Esmer reached a point in her life where she couldn't go on. She went down hill very rapidly, and her vet said I should prepare to let her go. She was totally blind and had almost lost the use of both back legs. Since her hip operation a few years ago, she had lost most, if not all, muscle tone and could only stand for a short time. She had lost a lot of weight and slept at least 75% of the day. Her vet put her on steroids to see if she would perk up a bit, but nothing changed. I foolishly hoped and prayed for a miracle, but it was just her time. As much as it broke my heart, I had to let her go.

I took good care of Esmer and loved her probably more than I have ever loved any dog. She will always be the queen to me, with her very own special place in my heart. There will never be another like her. Thank you for sharing this beautiful soul with me.

Our hearts go out to Pat for the loss of her beautiful girl, Esmeralda.

Simon Pearson
Adopted 2000, Rainbow Bridge August, 2016

We lost Simon due to kidney failure. RIP Little Buddy.

The volunteers and fosters of DREAM extend our deepest sympathy to Ron and Debbie for the loss of their precious boy, Simon.

Bitsy Perry
Rainbow Bridge August 12,2016

"Too Little Bit" came into our lives suddenly four and a half years ago. She was a stray, already riddled with heartworm disease. She took very ill right away and it was a miracle that she survived. We were told she may live two days, two months or two years. We were blessed to have her more than four years. She had many names - Bit, Bitsy, Bitsome, and Princess. She was Ashlynn's girl and we all loved her dearly.

Bitsy became ill again recently and couldn't pull through. She went peacefully in Ashlynn's arms, ten days after we lost our 15-year-old Chili. Our hearts are broken but I can say without a doubt it is well worth the pain to loves these two girls. They will be missed for a long time, but we are thankful for the years we had. Both were very special babies.

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to the Perry family for the loss of their very special girl.

Chili Perry
Adopted May 2001, Rainbow Bridge August 3,2016

My sweet Chili is gone. She began to suffer suddenly, and the vet said it was time to let her go. I can't even explain the pain I feel. My sweet baby was a constant companion for 15 years. My heart is shattered.

Chili came into our lives in May of 2001. She was my constant companion for 15 years. She and I had a routine. Every night when I took my bath she would rare up on the edge of the tub and we would rub our foreheads together. It was my goal to never let her suffer. The vet had told me I would know when it was time, and I did. My sweet love went peacefully in my arms. I held her for 15 minutes, wrapped her in a blanket, then rubbed my forehead on hers. There is a big hole in my heart, but I am so grateful for those 15 years.

Our hearts go out to Robin for the loss of her sweet girl, Chili.

Bentley Rea McCloskey

Adopted May 2013, Rainbow Bridge 7/15/16

With our hearts broken, we have said goodbye to our beloved Bentley. We adopted him 3 years and 2 months ago from ATDR in a day that was one of the happiest of our lives. Bentley came to us with a history of back problems and scars that showed the extent of a trauma he had experienced in the first couple of years of his life before ATDR rescued him. We believed when adopting him that he may one day need back surgery. It never occurred to us that he would develop the fatal condition called Progressive Myelomalacia which has no treatment or cure. No one survives it. Beautiful Bentley was 4 when we adopted him, and we believed he would share our lives for a long time. With us, in his forever home, he thrived. He was super sharp, intentionally funny when he would "talk" in a low voice to imitate us, and eager to be next to us or take the next walk together. Look at his picture - he smiled at us like that all the time.

Bentley loved his siblings and our family custom of hanging out all together every night on our oversized sofa - all of us on layers of cushions and pillows. He adored Zoey most of all and they sat together side by side on the same pillow so much of the time. He also had close friends that he enjoyed - Mona and Prissy and Sammie Jean have been like cousins to him. When they stayed with us on so many occasions, which we all loved, Bentley would run eagerly to sleep with Mona and Prissy at night, snuggling with them. He bounced when they would first arrive at our house. Bentley was crazy about Sarah, and would ask to be picked up so he could snuggle up to her, or lay at her side in the comfy recliner. When we would go out of town, he would usually stay with Sarah and the girls, who would spoil him. He also loved to go hang out with my parents, who he shamelessly manipulated into taking him on numerous walks a day.

Without warning, sweet Bentley lost function of his rear legs on Monday, July 11th, and we took him to a wonderful hospital called NHVS with the most professional and compassionate doctors and staff. Despite the surgeon's warning that she thought it was the fatal condition, we asked her to please, please try surgery, just in case that 1% chance was all he needed to survive. He seemed to do well after surgery and we spent very long daily visitations with him in the hospital that week, way beyond what was allowed. On that Friday the 15th, we were given the terrible news. We spent the day with him, as the Myelomalacia condition, which was not painful because it involves a fast spreading paralysis up the spine toward the head, did in fact work its way up. Friday night, as we held and petted him, feeding him smoked Gouda cheese and chocolate chip cookies (the lifelong no-no's being pointless by then), and telling him all the things a good man wants to hear before he goes, we had to go through the hardest and most heart wrenching thing anyone ever has to do for a sweet, loving 7 year old perfect dachshund, full of joy for life and fully not ready for the end. There was no decision to be made, except for the exact moment to do it, which we could not come to, could not force ourselves to call out, until we saw that the upward creeping paralysis was just on the edge of affecting his ability to breath, and then, upon that moment, we said goodbye forever to a wonderful little man, who gave us the best 3 years of his life, and gave us the gift of a love so devoted, so full of joy and fun, that we still cannot fathom what to do with our loss. We still love him with a love that survives his lifetime. Our perfect, incomparable and amazing Bentley.

Our hearts go out to Tim, Pam, Simone, Zoey, Spencer and Papillon for the loss of their precious Bentley.

Elvis Sabuco Arnold
Adopted November 2003, Rainbow Bridge July 1, 2016

Our sweet Boy Elvis' last day in this body was a beautiful one. We had playtime with his brothers in the morning, then a ride with his brother Seymour for puppy lattes, a walk in his wagon, visits from friends, and a last visit to Cottonwood. He declined rapidly and suddenly yesterday and transitioned to his next journey at midnight last night. Thank you dear friends and family for your loving support. You know we love our Boy. And we appreciate your love for him and for us.

Our hearts go out to Tina and Shellye for the loss of their special boy, Elvis.

Duma "Scooby" Caillouet Jilg
Adopted August 2009, Rainbow Bridge 7/1/16

From Scooby's mom:

Our precious Duma died today. He found us in August 2009. I can't see through the tears. I love you buddy and miss you more than words can ever express. I hope the angels carry you away, Scooby, and I hope to see you some day at The Bridge so I can rub your darling little nose again.

From Scooby's dad:

Here is my tribute to you Scooby. You were the best.

Your Precious Spirit Shines Bright

Stop all the mice from entering his yard
Tell all the birds to quit calling his name
His kitty kingdom is gone
It will never be the same.

Let all the hawks keep circling the sky
Looking for signs he didn't really die.
Pick up the blankets from his favorite spaces,
Sweep up the catnip from all his favorite places.

He was my cuddler, my sweetie, my tender furry kid,
My adventurous wanderer, whatever he did,
My warmth, my softness, my ability to soar.
I thought it would last longer, but his love is no more.

Fly free kitty angel, a new star is born;
You now have your wings, but we will still mourn.
The night sky is now brighter, with your furry light.
We are missing our Scooby, your precious spirit shines bright.


DREAM sends our deepest sympathy to Theresa and Jeff for the loss of their precious Scooby.

Lily Evans
Rainbow Bridge, June 2016

Lily was our first rescue. We loved her so much. Here's a photo of her on a road trip with Max. She has her donkey (favorite toy) under her chin. She loved going for a ride.

Bam Bam Pearson

Adopted 2/24/10, Rainbow Bridge 6/23/16

Bam Bam came to us through Dachshund Rescue of Houston. He was part of a bonded pair. The other part, of course, was Pebbles. Bam Bam was a sweet and gentle giant around our other dogs and he will be missed. RIP Bam. We love you.

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Ron and Debbie for the loss of their sweet boy, Bam Bam.

Pollux Pasternak

Rainbow Bridge 6/12/16

We lost our sweet Pollux on June 12, 2016 after almost 12 wonderful years with him. He was my first dachshund and my one constant throughout my ever changing twenties including 10 address changes, 5 cities, 6 jobs, 11 foster dogs, and a marriage. He was always there; sweet, fierce, dependable, brave, adventurous, supportive, loving Pollux. It's hard to imagine my life without him although I knew this day would come. At 9:00 a.m. on June 12th he was rushed to VERGI and I was informed he was suffering from heart failure. We were out of town but had a returning flight in a few hours. For 10 hours Pollux held on, waiting to see me, to say goodbye. He passed away within 10 minutes of me being there with him, petting him, comforting him and telling him how much I love him and how much he's always meant and will always mean to me. I am so thankful that we got to say goodbye to each other. I'm so grateful that my face was the last he saw, my voice the last he heard because it put him at ease and he was finally ready to let go.

We love you forever, Pollux. You were a lovely, hilarious maniac; a true dachshund. You owned this life.

Our hearts go out to Katrina and Jason for the loss of their beloved Pollux.

Chloe Hammond
Adopted August 2007, Rainbow Bridge May 2016

My sweet little Chloe, you were the best little dog ever. So faithful and loving. You are gone from my life but you will live in my heart forever. Until we meet again. I love and miss you.

Our hearts go out to Micheline for the loss of her beautiful girl, Chloe.

Keli Bailey
Adopted 2002, Rainbow Bridge 5/21/16

In 2002, I went to the Evergreen rescue to adopt a kitten, but none of the kittens stole my heart. The lady asked if I'd like to see the older cats. I said, "Sure, but I know I want a kitten, not an older cat." I walked into the room, saw Keli,and it was love at first sight. Keli,you had me at Purr.

Keli was about 21 years old, suffering from loss of kidney function and swiftly advancing cancer. The vet and I discussed it; it was time. On Saturday, someone came to our house to help her cross Rainbow Bridge. Knowing how much she hated going to the vet, I couldn't bear to think that would be her last experience. She passed at home in her own little bed.

DREAM sends our deepest condolences to the Bailey Family for the loss of their precious rescue kitty, Keli.

Keli with her bed-hog pal, Bugs

Wally Haegner

Rainbow Bridge 4/18/16

Rest in peace, Wally. You will never be forgotten and we will always hold a special place for you in our hearts. Play nice big boy. See you on the other side.

Our hearts go out to Brenda and Annie for the loss of their sweet foster Wally.

Sable Barnard
Adopted 2/27/07, Rainbow Bridge 4/15/16

Sable and Dolly were a bonded senior pair adopted from Dachshund Rescue of Houston in 2007. Dolly went to Rainbow Bridge in 2013, but Sable hung on another three years, making her nearly 19 years old.

Our hearts go out to our friends Cindy and David for the loss of their sweet girl, Sable.

Franklin Ferguson

If there's a doggy heaven,I know that's where you are. About a billion miles away, standing on a star.

It's a doggy paradise. No fences and no leads. There won't be any do's or don'ts. You can do just as you please.

There'll be lots of bones to chew and lots of holes to dig. There'll be lots of other dogs, little ones and big!

You can romp and play with new-found friends forever, don't you see? So, why are you sitting at the gate just waiting there for me?

Our hearts go out to Sam and Michelle for the loss of their sweet boy Franklin.

Peanut Lawless
Rainbow Bridge 2/29/16

Peanut crossed Rainbow Bridge today. He managed to hurt his upper back/neck yesterday. We gave him pain meds and put him in his pen to rest. He ate dinner, but then he got progressively worse overnight. He could no longer move his front legs this morning. What a sad way to start the week. He would have turned 8 this July, which is still so young. He was our second dachshund after Logan. He was such a trooper, even after failed back surgery.

We got him from a family who didn't really have time for him because they had toddlers and another baby on the way. Their little 2-year-old boy used to call him "my nut". They had rescued him from a puppy mill cruelty seizure when he was only 8 weeks old, then we got him when he was just over a year. Logan started my obsession with dachshunds, but Peanut started my passion for rescue.

The volunteers of DREAM extend our deepest sympathy to the Lawless Family for the loss of this special boy.

Eowyn "Winnie" Caillouet
Adopted 3/3/04
Rainbow Bridge 2/6/16

Our sweet Winnie crossed Rainbow Bridge this morning. She had not been doing well since Wednesday, so I had planned to take her to the vet today (Saturday). She had been taking Enalapril and Vetmedin for the past year for her heart murmur and enlarged heart. She lost her appetite on Wednesday, became lethargic, and even had a fainting spell when I got home Wednesday evening, but she perked up after I got her to take her meds. I didn't want to stress her out more by rushing her to the vet. Mike said yesterday afternoon, she went outside on her own for a while to lay in the sun. When I got up this morning, she looked really bad. I picked her up and held her. Her heart was beating strangely, then it just slowed down and stopped. I knew it was her time. I'm glad she got to cross Rainbow Bridge at home.

Cooper Hoye
Adopted 12/29/09
Rainbow Bridge 1/18/16

A little over seven years ago we took in Cooper as a foster from Dachshund Rescue of Houston. Within a few hours, we knew that he was ours and we were 100% his. Since then this precious, funny, fragile fellow has been at our side pretty much every day -- "my shadow" as Jeff called him. Coop succumbed to liver failure on Monday. He brought so much sweetness into our lives (and others' lives). RIP little cuddle bunny.

Our hearts go out to Carrie and Jeff for the loss of their precious little man, Cooper.

Zoey Zalusky
2/6/1996 - 12/23/2015

Our beautiful, precious daughter, Zoey left us on December 23 of this year at the age of 19. Zoey lived life to the fullest and her smile and laugh lit up any room she entered. She was a loving daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece and cousin and a loyal friend to the many people she met throughout her life.

Zoey had many favorites, including Chik-Fil-A, shopping, Hawaii, Diet Dr. Pepper and the Food Network. But her absolute pride and joy was her 9 year old dachshund, Snickers. We rescued him when he was a puppy and he spent many hours relaxing, watching T.V. and eating popcorn with Zoey. He would protect her from anyone even the other members of her family. Our family also had 2 other dachshunds - Twix (8) and Hershey (1). When Zoey came home from school this summer, she was absolutely determined to get a new brother or sister for Snickers and Twix. We ended up adopting Hershey in May of this year from Dream Dachshund Rescue. For the first few weeks, Hershey was very shy and Zoey was really the only one who could pick him up. She was gentle and patient with him until he finally felt safe in his new home. Snickers, Twix and Hershey will miss our beloved Zoey as much as we do.

In lieu of flowers, we ask that any donations be made to DREAM Dachshund Rescue so that they can continue the wonderful work they are doing.

The volunteers of DREAM extend our most heartfelt sympathy to Zoey's parents - John and Renee, her brother and sister, her extended family, friends, and her Dachshunds. Zoey will be greatly missed by all of us.

From Taylor Brown:
This donation is on behalf of Sigma Kappa at the University of Arizona. Zoey was near and dear to all of our sisters and she will be dearly missed. We know that she will always be in our hearts! Love you Zoey!

From Phil Coyle:
In honor of a beautiful girl who displayed a heart of love, care and joy.

From Randy Crismas:
So sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you and your family.

From Elroy Koch:
In memory of Zoey. Love, Elroy, Glennis, Dax, Tanya, Dayne, Dessa and Dana.

From Laura Marsh:
With deepest sympathy. Eric and Laura Marsh.

From Judy Mulvihill:
With deepest sympathy to you, Renee and family. Your many friends at Metso.

From Tracey Sander:
We imagine Zoey as an angel playing with her wiener dogs in Heaven.

From Carole Townsend:
Strange when two of my loves collide: Dachshunds and Sigma Kappa Sorority. I saw the sad news from SK and when I went to look for Zoey's obituary, I found about her love for my favorite breed. Prayers for her family and many loving sister at Zeta Omicron.

From Michelle Welter:
It is with great sadness that we have lost such a beautiful kind generous young lady who touched many people with her amazing spirit and grace. May the angels in heaven watch over her and bring peace for all that have been heart broken by this tragic event.

From Jim Zalusky:
In loving memory of my beautiful niece. Zoey's love, humor, laugh and smile lit up our entire family. Zoey's spirit and glow always made me smile. I love you. God Bless you Zoe. Until we meet again, Uncle Jimmy

DREAM has received donations in Zoey's Memory from:

The Aulbaugh Family
Elizabeth Brennan
Taylor Brown on behalf of Sigma Kappa at the University of Arizona
Jeffrey and Tina Bute
Phil Coyle
Randy Crismas
William Dickerson
Art, Carole, Jason, and Chad Greenall and Families
Dan and Ruth Hawk
Wes and Valerie Herndon
Brenda Huber
Elroy Koch
The Krasiun Family
Eric and Laura Marsh
Patrick McCarty
Caitlin Medalie
Leslie Moriyama
John Moreland
Judy Mulvihill on behalf of Metso
Native American Marketing
Jennifer Olenick
Anne Psencik
Dave Rathbun
Karen Roberts
Tracey Sander
Stefanie Scruggs & Beau Mitchell
Sypy Thomas
Carole Townsend
Mark Virant
The Wagers Family
Michelle Welter
Jim Zalusky

Snickers Risinger
Rainbow Bridge 12/7/15

My sweet Snickers crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. He went to meet his brother who crossed over 3 weeks ago. Snickers had me wrapped around his paw for 16 years. I will miss him and Razzle forever. They took a piece of my heart with them. Run free my sweet babies.

Our hearts go out to Sandie for the loss of her second sweet boy this year.

Marianne Elton

On Wednesday evening, November 17, 2015, the angels welcomed Marianne Elton into Heaven. Marianne was a wonderful mother, grandmother and friend to many. She loved animals and she loved Dachshunds. She donated many beautiful blankets and dog beds that have kept DREAM dachshunds warm and comfortable. She was such a sweet lady, full of love and grace. The world would be a better place if we had more people like her on this earth.

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Emily Cortez and her family for the loss of this very special lady.

Razzle Risinger
Rainbow Bridge 11/19/15

My sweet Razzle just crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He would have turned 15 on Dec 27th. Rest in peace my sweet baby boy. I will miss you so much.

Our hearts go out to Sandie for the loss of her precious Razzle.

Pia Goldapp

Pia got really bad this week and our wonderful vet helped us let her go. Gosh your heart never gets used to this! We had planned a trip for November but Pia got so bad we cancelled and spent the time loving on her. Steffi is trying to cheer me up.

The volunteers and fosters of DREAM extend our deepest sympathy to Karl and Sandra Goldapp for the loss of their sweet little Pia.

Gypsy Skeeters
Rainbow Bridge 11/4/15

After almost 11 wonderful years with us, we lost "Gypper Joe" yesterday. He'd stopped eating, and we were just trying to get any kind of food, along with his necessary daily medicines, in him. Sandy would cook different things for him, and he'd eat maybe once and then refuse it. We were at the vet's office when they opened and after x-raying him, told us that his belly and chest were filling with fluids, and that's what was making it hard for him to breathe, plus he was losing blood somewhere and was very anemic. Our regular vet, who had diagnosed Gyp when he got sick a year and a half ago and had been the one treating him ever since, was on vacation but the absolutely wonderful "stand-in" was able to get her on the phone so we could talk with her. We had been given the option of hospitalizing him so they could give him fluids and plasma, but we couldn't stand the thought of leaving him there and having him pass away in a cage. With both of us at his side, we chose to "send him up" to join his brother, Chuck, on the Rainbow Bridge.

Our hearts go out to Cherie and Sandy for the loss of their sweet boy, Gypsy.

Audrey Brown
Adopted 4/26/09, Rainbow Bridge 10/02/15

Our sweet Audrey is at the Rainbow Bridge. She had been having seizures off and on. Then in August she had two within a two week period of time. She just kept going downhill. She lost sight in her other eye, and we literally had to put her next to her food and water bowl so she could eat and drink. She would howl is someone wasn't holding her all the time. I think she was scared that she was alone. My vet agreed that this was a quality of life issue, and it wasn't a good quality. She got lots of love at our house and she gave lots of love back.

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Bill and Kathy Brown for the loss of their precious little Audrey. She was a very special girl.

Jesse Richard
Adopted 8/7/07, Rainbow Bridge 9/2/15

Although Jesse was treated for heartworms as soon as he came into rescue, the damage to his heart had already been done. For eight years after his adoption, Jesse had a slight heart murmur, but it was never bad enough to require medication. Poor little Jesse crossed Rainbow Bridge on September 2nd, when he suddenly succumbed congestive heart failure. Jesse's human dad, Ty, and step-brother, Matisse, were there, waiting for him to join them on the other side.

Our hearts go out to Paula for the loss of her handsome little man, Jesse.

Leo Goettle
Rainbow Bridge 8/13/15

Sweet little Leo left this world way too soon and went to Rainbow Bridge on August 13th.

Our hearts go out to Ella for the loss of her best friend.

Matisse Richard
Adopted 2/9/03, Rainbow Bridge 8/14/15

Our good friend and DREAM volunteer, Paula, lost her senior boy, Matisse, yesterday to congestive heart failure. Matisse, who was Paula's first Dachshund, is the whole reason she is involved with rescue today. Those of us who were lucky enough to meet Matisse know what a special boy he was. Run free at Rainbow Bridge, sweet Matisse. We will miss you.

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Paula for the loss of her precious Matisse.

Joanna Lucille "Emerald" Cullop
2/13/67 - 8/2/15

Emerald and her husband David Moore became part of the DREAM family last November when they adopted Munch (Scotty Saffron) and Briscoe (Bruno Betzel) from us. We are deeply saddened by the news of Emerald's passing. Emerald loved her dogs, and we know they will miss her terribly.

Our hearts go out to David, Munch, and Briscoe for their beloved Emerald who was taken from them way too soon.
Emerald's Obituary

Donate in Memory of Emerald

Max Tait
Adopted 12/17/04, Rainbow Bridge 7/10/15

Our old boy, Max, went to the Rainbow Bridge on July 10th. He did just fine on the drive to California in early June but then when he would occasionally throw up. I took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with kidney disease. He was hospitalized for a few days, but since he had a heart murmur, the treatment could not be very aggressive or he could also develop congestive heart failure. He did get to come home, but on July 10th he was very lethargic and refused all of his favorite foods, so we followed the vet's advise and said good bye. I'm heartbroken because he was our first foster and a big momma's boy; he followed me everywhere! We were told he was already 7 when we started fostering him. We adopted him in December of 2004 so he was over 17. It all happened so fast, even a couple of days before he was hospitalized he was barking for his food. Max took a piece of my heart with him,

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Bob and Regina Tait for the loss of their sweet Max.

Buddy Symons
Rainbow Bridge

Here is my precious boy buddy. He was 14. So special. Very smart. Loved to chase his ball. We loved him so much.

The volunteers and fosters of DREAM extend our deepest sympathy to Ron and Regina Symons for the loss of their precious Buddy.

Frodo Caillouet Remore
Rainbow Bridge 3/1/15

Then as he had kept watch Sam had noticed that at times a light seemed to be shining faintly within; but now the light was even clearer and stronger. Frodo's face was peaceful, the marks of fear and care had left it; but it looked old, old and beautiful, as if the chiseling of the shaping years was now revealed in many fine lines that had before been hidden, though the identity of the face was not changed. Not that Sam Gamgee put it that way to himself. He shook his head, as if finding words useless, and murmured: "I love him. He's like that, and sometimes it shines through, somehow. But I love him, whether or no."
- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers

For the Quest is achieved, and now all is over. I am glad you are here with me. Here at the end of all things, Sam.
- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King

Emma Wang Gee
Rainbow Bridge 2/27/15

Ryan and I are broken hearted as we had to put down Emma, Friday afternoon. She had just celebrated her 16th birthday but was in a lot of pain and had doggie Alzheimers. After 3 bottles of wine, locking ourselves in our house over the weekend, and a lot of tears, we feel we need to celebrate what a special girl Emma really was. She wasn't the typical dog, as she seemed to have the entire range of human emotion - making her more of our little human girl than just a dog. She watched TV, loved cats, posed for the camera, looked us straight in the eyes, and worried just like a little human would. You will forever be in our hearts Emma.

Our hearts go out to our friends Lina and Ryan for the loss of their cherished little girl Emma.

Marvin Maxwell
Adopted 11/30/03, Rainbow Bridge 1/31/15

Marvin the Marvelous gave me a lot of joy and laughs. He also opened the door for me to get into rescue work. Marvin was a devoted and loving companion and I miss him.

The volunteers and fosters of DREAM extend our deepest sympathy to Brinda for the loss of her sweet boy, Marvin.

Dakota Bingle
Rainbow Bridge 12/9/14

I just lost a big piece of my heart. Rest in peace my dear sweet "Dakota Wota". Life will never be the same without you.

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Shelly for the loss of her sweet Dakota.

Miller Schoppe
Adopted 11/28/01, Rainbow Bridge 12/7/14

Miller came to live with us on November 28, 2001. The holiday weekend was known as "Millermas" ever after. The DH (Dear Husband) arranged to adopt him through dachshund rescue and surprised me with him. He was my first rescue dog. Miller was the sweetest dog ever and always a challenge. Known as the "Flying Dachshund" from his propensity to leap on and over things, just keeping his feet on the ground was often a full time job. One time, I was having people to my house for a Christmas luncheon. I had the table set the night before and everything ready. When I was checking the table the next day, some of the silverware was moved around and the centerpiece had been messed with. My Miller had decided to inspect my work! I fixed things and never told the attendees that he got up there! Miller made life very interesting! He was my clown, my little shadow and my snuggle boy. I miss him terribly.

The volunteers at DREAM extend our deepest sympathy to the Schoppe family for the loss of their beloved Miller.

Ducky Owen
Adopted 10/31/05, Rainbow Bridge 11/9/14

Ducky came to us as a timid soul after we had lost one of our girl Dachshunds. His foster Mom said he had been picked up by the pound after living on the street. He was shy and wouldn't even make eye contact with us but he was a typical doxie and a very good eater! He and our surviving girl, Jelly got along okay but were never that close. Jelly lived two more years. After losing her, Ducky warmed up to us and settled in and turned into a loving and affectionate boy. We adopted Daffy from Dachshund Rescue of Houston in October, 2007 after losing Jelly and they became best of friends.

The volunteers and fosters of DREAM extend our deepest sympathy to Ken and Julie for the loss of their sweet boy.

Violet Maxwell
Adopted 7/25/13, Rainbow Bridge 10/13/14

Violet peacefully slipped away today. Old age finally caught up with her. Violet was a great little dog and I'll miss her a lot.

We are so sorry for your loss, Brinda. Thank you for taking care such good care of Miss Violet in her Golden Years.

Diane Jackson

From Deborah Spencer, 9/12/14: Diane Jackson, my step-mom and major lover of all things Dachshund passed away yesterday afternoon. She generously donated her entire Dachsie collection to DREAM for auction. Her first dachshund was "Fearless". She later adopted "Leader". She was the mom of our sweet Mollie and DREAM girl, Dixie Lou. I have included a picture of my Dad's "Honor Guard" which was just a part of her collection. He passed in October of 2012. I just know that they are both at the rainbow bridge hugging their beloved dachshunds. They are responsible for getting Hal and me hooked on dachshunds and we will never stop loving these beautiful dogs! Thank you DREAM for all that you do for these examples of pure love every day.

Hal and Deb, we are so sorry for your loss. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Tess Lawless
Rainbow Bridge 9/12/14

Tess, our 10 year old Lab, passed over the rainbow bridge today. She was almost to the point where she could no longer stand, much less walk. Unfortunately, two weeks ago she tore her ACL in her left leg (and 8 years ago she had surgery on her ACL in her right leg), so she could hardly get off her dog bed anymore. She declined so quickly. Angie came over to take her because I couln't bear to do it. Angie sat with her and held her head in her lap. I am so grateful for that. Tess was so patient with all the dachshunds and was a very gentle soul. We called her the "Non-Lab" because she hated the water and never wanted to be outside unless there was a squirrel in the tree. I know she was sad for a while without her companion, Sophie, so I'm glad she had Dillon. She loved to lick the top of his head and ears. Now she is reunited with Sophie.

You will always be remembered by the DREAM Team, Tess. We love you and miss you.

Elvis Tyrone "Ty" Richard

On July 27th, our dear friend Paula lost her husband Ty after his lengthy and courageous battle with cancer. Ty shared Paula's love of Dachshunds and was "Dad" to four of them. He will be remembered for many things (Houston Chronicle Obituary), but we will always remember him as the supportive husband of a dedicated Dachshund rescuer.

Ginger Spencer
Rainbow Bridge 8/15/14

Sweet Ginger went to the rainbow bridge this morning after giving us as much time as she could. She was over 20 years old.

Our snappy, happy, tap dancing, Ginger had a great life. She was loved by us, all our pups, and she had a special place in Stormy's heart. He really loved her and would give her head bumps and then lay down around her and keep her warm. An animal's love is so pure.

She is now running free and is going to save us a spot in the grass by the rainbow bridge.

We extend our deepest sympathy to Hal and Deb Spencer for the loss of their beloved Ginger.

In Loving Memory of Skipper Howe

Born on Valentine's Day, tiny Skipper was our first unofficial " foster failure" more than 14 years ago. This was before we were involved in rescue. Even so, our family was already a "go to" destination for strays and "pup sitting". Six week old Skipper was acquired by well meaning parents as a raffle prize for our sons' school field day fundraiser. I was strongly opposed to this sort of "giveaway" of animals but couldn't resist the call to keep the tiny puppy for a week before the date of the event. Besides, what fun to have a precious puppy for a week knowing there would be NO chance he would be staying longer. We didn't even buy raffle tickets!! Of course, we fell hard for Skipper in that short week. None more so than eleven year old Alexander. Surprisingly it was my husband Milton who intervened to keep the two together. The night before the raffle I was frantically calling the owner of the litter of puppies to see if any were left. Lucky us, they had one more! At 6 am on the morning of field day I was on my way to The Woodlands to purchase a replacement puppy for the raffle and Skipper was home forever. He passed gently away in Alexander's arms last week. Alex now 26 and Skipper 14. Alex is applying to Veterinary School this year. His love and compassion for animals grew right along with that puppy and continues with our many fosters and several successful "failures" to this day.

God Bless You and Keep You, Skipper

The volunteers and fosters of DREAM extend our deepest sympathy to the Howe family for the loss of their beloved Skipper.

Rainbow Bridge 6/11/14

So sad. After a rebound this afternoon, Coney spiraled this evening and just went to the bridge. Here is his rescue intake photo from 1999. Coney had distemper when he came into the rescue and spent 6 weeks at TLC Animal Hospital. When he came home, he had a lot of behavioral issues. The last 6 or so years he had seizures. He really was relatively healthy up until Sunday. Looking back it is hard to believe that he lived to be almost 16 after all he went through.

God's speed little buddy. We will miss you!

The volunteers and fosters of DREAM extend our deepest sympathy to Shelly for the loss of her Forever Foster, Coney.

Brownie Schmidt
Rainbow Bridge 5/22/14

We extend our deepest sympathy to the Schmidt family who lost their beloved chocolate lab, Brownie, due to advanced cancer.

Mike Brady
Rainbow Bridge 3/25/14

Our hearts go out to Shannon and Crystal for the loss of their sweet Forever Foster, Mike Brady. "Mikey" was already a senior when Shannon and Crystal started fostering him. He was fortunate to get to spend his golden years in such a loving home. We know little Mikey will be greatly missed.

Kenley Briggs
Rainbow Bridge 3/3/14

The volunteers and foster parents of DREAM extend our deepest sympathy to Connie for the loss of her precious Kenley (pictured here with Molly).

Mathew Nixon
Adopted 7/23/12, Rainbow Bridge 2/23/14

It is with great sadness that I tell you that Matthew died last Sunday, February 23rd. He had been the picture of health up until a few weeks ago. What started out to seem like gastro intestinal problems culminated into a diagnosis of some sort of brain herniation that caused a swelling of the brain that took his life. Our pursuit of medical attention took us all the way to Texas A&M emergency clinic and yet his recovery was not meant to be.

My deep deep sadness will eventually fade as I remember the tremendous joy that the little fellow brought to me in the short time that I had him. In the days and weeks to come I will focus on the silliness, the playfulness, the funny eyebrows and the everything that was Matthew Wiener. I was lucky to have him.

Please keep our family in your thoughts as we grieve for the sweetest little man ever.

Mandi Jo
Rainbow Bridge 11/23/13

Forever Foster, Mandi Jo, rescued by Dachshund Rescue of Houston in August 2008, went to Rainbow Bridge on November 23, 2013. We extend our deepest sympathy to her foster family who cared for her and gave her lots of love during her golden years.

Bella Kiani
Adopted 3/4/13, Rainbow Bridge 11/15/13

Bella, adopted from Dachshund Rescue of Houston on March 4th, 2013, lost her battle with disc disease on November 15, 2013. Our hearts go out to Pam and her family for the loss of their precious little girl.

Maizy Iseman

Loving Miss Maizy
A failed beginning that became a beautiful ending

The second I held Maizy, I was done. It was love at first sight. After a failed adoption of another dog that had me really down, she made me happier than I can describe. It's amazing how much you can fall in love with a two-pound furball in 72 hours, but by day three Maizy had stolen our hearts and become family. It was also on day three that our sweet girl was diagnosed with Parvo, so we hospitalized her immediately. She had 24-hour care, plenty of antibiotics, fluids and even a blood transfusion. She actually did show some progress the day following the blood transfusion, but it was short-lived. My little girl was such a fighter, but her tiny body just wasn't as strong as her mind.

I went to the hospital to see her one last time before she passed. She kept giving me the sweetest puppy kisses and putting her tiny snout up to my face like she couldn't get close enough to me. I was afraid she wouldn't remember me when I went to see her since at that point she had spent more days in the hospital than she had at home, but she did. She knew exactly who I was and I made sure she knew how much I loved her. And then one week to the day after we brought her home, sweet Maizy passed away.

I am very sad, but somewhere inside me, I also have found comfortthat I at least gave her a fighting chance. Without our family, her infection likely would have gone unnoticed and untreated, and she would have had a very unceremonious passing devoid of any love. If the failed adoption would have gone through, I never would have had that opportunity. I know now, though, that I wasn't meant to adopt that dog. I was meant to love Maizy. She was only with us for a short week, but in that time span she received more love than some dogs do in their entire lives. And in turn, she touched my heart and my family's life in a way I never thought possible in a week's time. I may not have been able to save her life, but our family gave her a beautiful ending that I will always remember and cherish.

Thanks for the joy you brought to our lives, sweet Maizy. We love you and always will.

Dolly Barnard
Adopted 2/27/07, Rainbow Bridge 10/15/13

On February 14, 2007, several Dachshund Rescue of Houston fosters received a message that two senior longhaired dachshunds were in need of a foster home. I asked my husband, Dave, if we could foster them and he said "No". Undeterred, I immediately left for Westside vet clinic and picked up these two girls. They were in our home for a couple of hours and I knew they had to stay. It took two weeks to convince Dave, and they were officially adopted on February 27, 2007. They were friendly, housebroken and so sweet. My veterinarian estimated they were born in 1998, making them 9 when adopted, and Dolly 15 when she passed. Sable is hanging in there, still has a great appetite and gets super excited at meal time.

Sable and Dolly were a bonded senior pair adopted from Dachshund Rescue of Houston by our wonderful friends, Cindy and Dave, in 2007. Cindy and Dave weren't concerned about the dogs' senior status, and Dolly and Sable turned out to be wonderful and loving pets. Unfortunately sweet Dolly was taken from them way too soon. Our hearts go out to Cindy and Dave for the loss of their precious Dolly.

Arnold Pearson
Adopted 2001, Rainbow Bridge 2013

Arnold came to our door one Sunday afternoon in 2001. He was roaming the neighborhood looking for scraps. At first I just shooed him away, but then I felt sorry for him and let him in the house. He promptly peed on our wall so I kicked him back out. A few minutes later I saw him dodging traffic. I knew his number would be up if he didn't get out of the street so I let him back inside, but I told him if he peed again it was over, he'd be back out the door. He never peed in the house again.

We took Arnold to our Vet to be checked for a chip. He had none. While we were there a lady gave us the name of a rescue group in Houston that specialized in Dachshunds. The contact there was Shelly. The rest is rescue history. We kept Arnold as well as many others that followed him. We still have eleven. Arnold has been suffering from heart failure for some time now and this morning he had his ticket over the rainbow bridge bought and paid for. We took him to our vet and sent him on his way. He was good little boy and will be missed. We gave him a home and he gave us his love. I think that was a pretty fair trade.
Weenie Ricca
Rainbow Bridge 5/27/13

With heavy hearts, we extend our sympathy to Sarah for the unexpected loss of her sweet boy, Weenie, who crossed Rainbow Bridge on Monday, May 27, 2013. Weenie was on a play date Sunday when he stumbled upon a hive of bees. After a night at the ER, he was unable to recover from all the stings. Recently, Weenie had struggled with chronic pancreatitis. We think maybe God decided it was time to end his suffering.

Miss Shannon High
Adopted 5/7/06, Rainbow Bridge 5/25/13

To the very end, her world was one big tail wag. She traveled, ate her meals and even drank water wagging her tail. She was a dear companion who left us too soon. Our world has lost a tiny piece of happy.

The fosters and volunteers of DREAM extend our deepest sympathy to Kathleen and Dan for the loss of their sweet Miss Shannon, adopted from Dachshund Rescue of Houston.

Blu and Simon
Blu Pearson

From Blu's Dad (5/23/13): For any of you ol' DRoH folks you may remember Blu. When I picked him up at BARC he weighed 28lbs so I named him, "Howard Huge". We later learned his real name was Blu. He also dropped to 15lbs with the help of his mom and a strict diet.

Blu was a good boy and a faithful companion to Simon, one of our other Dachshunds. They were the only two dogs we had that shared a crate. Simon will miss him terribly.

A few weeks ago Blu was diagnosed with congestive heart failure which is fairly common in dogs who have undergone heart worm treatment earlier in their lives. This morning he wouldn't eat and was walking very slowly. An hour later he was down and laboring to breathe. We rushed him to the vet to have his passing eased. We buried Blu, in a little patch we call the Pet Cemetery, with his friends who have gone before him.

Run free Blu... We love you!

Kacee Michelle and Pat
Kacee Michelle Henderson
Rainbow Bridge 4/12/13

Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to Pat, Rick, and Reagan for the loss of their precious Kacee Michelle. Kacee Michelle crossed Rainbow Bridge on April 12, 2013 after giving Pat and Rick 15 years of happiness.

Jake Wasson
Born 9/28/03, Rainbow Bridge 11/25/12

The volunteers and fosters of DREAM extend our deepest sympathy to Donald Wasson for the loss of his precious little Jake. Jake's two sisters, Maggie and Kelly, were adopted from DRoH. Jake is dearly missed by his dad and sisters and all of his DREAM and DRoH friends.

Maggie Mae Turner
Born 7/12/05, Rainbow Bridge 9/15/12

From Maggie Mom: Maggie Mae, I first saw your beautiful nose on August 2nd, 2011. By August 6th, we were snuggling in each other's arms. Your spirit was so full of love and so full of laughter. You made me smile every day that God gave me with you. How obedient you were at the Dachshund Rescue of Houston events. You would either sit or stand so loving beside me never once having to be called back. You worked the Reliant Dog Show with me this year and we asked all the people, who thought you were available for adoption, to instead give us a donation to help out our friends who needed a home.

It wasn't long after all that that the vet gave me the news that you had something called second-degree AV (heart) block. Medicine to help with the fluid around your heart seemed to help, but we knew it was not the answer. You never complained. Why would you? The love you received and the love gave back was all you wanted.

So the night you struggled to breathe, I got down next to you, and whispered, Maggie, My Love, I will see you again one day.

Pictured left to right: Jeff, Callie, and Carrie
Callie Hoye
Rainbow Bridge 7/24/12

Callie, Jeff and Carrie's beloved Collie of 14 years, crossed Rainbow Bridge on July 24, 2012. In Carrie's own words "There is a big void in this household right now. She was a sweet, regal girl and we miss her very much."

Jeff and Carrie have been avid supporters of DRoH since 2006, and have fostered four DRoH dogs - Justin, Mitch, Dasher, and Coco Chanel - and adopted two - Chico and Mitch (now known as Cooper).

The volunteers and fosters of DREAM extend their deepest sympathy to Jeff and Carrie for the loss of their much loved, and dearly missed, companion.

Chub-Chub Nguyen-Pham
Rainbow Bridge 5/2/12

Chub-Chub, Kayla's and Cong's beloved black and tan beautiful boy, left this world on May 2, 2012 to go over Rainbow Bridge. He will be dearly missed by his step-brothers, Cody, Alfie, and Taz, and step-sister, Ninfa, but most of all, by his "Mom and Dad", who never imagined losing this sweet boy so soon.

My favorite picture of Rusty (PetFest 2007)

Jazzie, my little "Chunky Butt"

Ozzy and Rusty
Rusty Anzaldua
Born 9/29/95, Rainbow Bridge 3/8/12

From Rusty's Mom: Rusty and Jazzie were born on Sept. 29, 1995. Their mom, Mandy, belonged to my Aunt Eva. When Mandy was pregnant, I told my aunt I wanted two girls. Well, she had four boys and only one girl so needless to say, Jazzie, was definitely mine. I had to choose one of the boys.

From the day they were born till the day I took them home with me at 7 weeks old, I went to see them every day. Rusty was the one that squirmed into my heart. I'd lay on the floor to play with them and he would always manage to get inside my t-shirt and fall asleep against my bare skin.

Jazzie had been destined to be mine and we bonded the moment I picked her up. She stuck to me like velcro and always wanted attention. Rusty didn't mind her getting attention because he really didn't care to be doted on, just a little was all he could handle. He was fine just being close to us. He never demanded attention.

Jazzie died on July 17, 2006 from Cushing's. It wasn't until January 2010 that I was able to consider getting another dog. That's when I started fostering Sweetpea, now known as "Ozzy" for DRoH. The picture of Ozzy and Rusty was taken the day after I brought Ozzy home. Rusty never had a problem adjusting to him and I figured out not too long ago that Ozzy has Jazzie's soul. I wish I had figured that when I first got him. No wonder Rusty bonded with him instantly.

I hope Rusty and Jazzie are together now, romping around having a great time, and waiting for me.

Vienna Caillouet Remore
Adopted 6/10/04, Rainbow Bridge 1/13/12

Vienna, adopted from Dachshund Rescue of Houston on June 10, 2004, was our resident couch potato, and she loved being tucked in. She'd hop up on her sleeping pillow and wait for you to cover her with her blanket and tuck it in around her. She also loved to sun bathe. We know she's enjoying plenty of blankets and sunshine on the other side of the bridge. We love you and miss you, Vienna.

Marco Weiman
Rainbow Bridge 12/31/11

Precious little Marco crossed Rainbow Bridge on New Years Eve, 2011. He was a sweet boy who loved everyone, especially his Dachshund foster brothers and sisters.

Harley Weiman
Born 6/18/93, Rainbow Bridge 8/26/11

Sweet Harley crossed the bridge on Friday, August 26, 2011. Harley's mom is a DRoH foster and volunteer. Harley had been very ill for the last couple of months and his family had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye.

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