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Please take the time to fill out our application completely.

Your current dogs and cats must spayed/neutered in order to be approved to foster or adopt.

Please submit ONLY ONE application. You do not need to submit a separate application for each dog.
If you have applied before, please email us at contact-us@dreamdachs.org so we can reactivate your application.

Adoption Foster

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How did you hear about us?

Have you (or the co-applicant) ever applied with us before? Yes No Unanswered

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* AOL addresses (aol.com and verizon.net) cannot receive emails from dreamdachs.org

If you live more than 2 hours from Houston, Texas, you will need to provide photos of your home and yard (or be able to Skype with us), and you must be willing to travel to Houston to meet and pick up your new dog.

Address (required)

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Home#    Mobile#    May we text you? Yes No Unanswered

What is the best time and method to contact you?

How many people, including you, live in your home?

Please list ages and relationships (spouse, child, grandchild, roommate, parent, grandparent) of everyone else (besides applicant and coapplicant) living in your home.


Do you live in a House    Townhouse/Condo    Apartment    Other    Unanswered

How long have you lived at your residence?

Do you have stairs inside (or outside) your residence? Yes No Unanswered

What kind of fence do you have (check all that apply)?
Privacy/Wood    Wrought Iron    Chain Link    Other   

Is the fenced area attached to your residence? Yes No N/A Unanswered

Do you have a dog door? Yes No Unanswered

Do you have a pool? Yes No Unanswered

Do you Own Rent Unanswered

If you rent
Do you have permission from your landlord to have a pet? Yes No N/A Unanswered
Have you paid your pet deposit? Yes No N/A Unanswered
Pet Deposit Amount
Please note, landlord's name and phone number MUST be provided.
Landlord Name Landlord Phone


Why are you interested in a Dachshund? Do you have any prior experience with them? Are you familiar with their quirky traits and possible health issues, such as bad teeth and degenerative disc disease?

For what reasons would you feel compelled to give up your dog or any other animal?
Doesn't get along with current pets Size (too big/small) New baby in family
Children no longer living at home Moving Unreliable with children
Shy in public or timid around strangers Divorce Digs in yard
Aggressive towards strangers Destructive in home or yard Barks too much
House training problems Dominant over current pet Jumps on furniture
Escapes from yard Not enough time for pet Runs out the front door
Injures or kills another pet Medical expenses Other

If your adopted dog cannot remain in your home, our contract states you must return the dog to DREAM.
Do you agree with this?

How many hours per day will the pet be left alone?

Please describe the area where the pet will be kept during the day when you are not at home?

Please describe a typical day's activities for your new dog(s). What will be their daily routine?

Where do you expect your new dog to sleep?

Where will the dog be kept while you are on vacation?

You must notify DREAM before transferring your adopted dog to someone else.
If you become unable to care for your dog due to a change in circumstances (i.e. illness, relocation, death), do you have a friend or family member who would be willing to take your dog?

How do you feel about walking a dog WITHOUT a leash?

How often do you expect a healthy dog to have accidents in the house?
Once a week Once a month Once a year
When they are sick When it is cold outside When it rains
When they are mad at you When they feel like it Never

How do you plan to handle housetraining accidents in your home?

Will you return this dog if you have difficulty housetraining it? Yes No Unanswered

If you live outside the greater Houston area, are you willing to travel here to meet and pick up a dog?

If you live outside the greater Houston area, what will you do if you need to return a dog?


We will call your vet references to verify your pets are current on vaccines and heartworm preventative.

Do you currently have any pets? Yes No Unanswered

Pet Name Type of Pet & Breed Age Sex Spayed or
Current on
Current on
Yes No Yes No Yes No
Yes No Yes No Yes No
Yes No Yes No Yes No
Yes No Yes No Yes No
Yes No Yes No Yes No
Yes No Yes No Yes No

Have you had pets other than the ones listed above? Yes No N/A Unanswered

What happened to those pets?

Please list the names and phone numbers of your pets' veterinarians.
Name of Vet or Clinic Phone Number Pets who were cared for by this vet


Considering your lifestyle, what traits or characteristics are you looking for in your new dog?

Preferred Traits
Gender Size Age Color Coat
Female Mini (under 12 lbs) Puppy Red Smooth
Male Tweenie (12 to 17 lbs) Young Black & Tan Wire
Either Standard (over 17 lbs) Adult Chocolate Long
Undecided Any Senior Dapple Any
Any Piebald

Would you consider fostering or adopting a ...
Dog with special needs? Yes No Unanswered
Dog who submissively pees? Yes No Unanswered
Fear biter? Yes No Unanswered
Dog who wants to sleep in bed with you? Yes No Unanswered
Senior (10 or older)? Yes No Unanswered
Dog who is unreliable with small children? Yes No Unanswered
Dog who isn't housetrained? Yes No Unanswered
Dog who needs daily medications? Yes No Unanswered
Dachshund mix? Yes No Unanswered
Bonded pair? Yes No Unanswered

Which of our dog(s) are you most interested in?

Please add any other information you think might be helpful in evaluating your application.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our application. We know it is lengthy,
but we care very deeply about our dogs and want to make sure they go to wonderful homes.
We appreciate your interest in our dogs, and we will respond to your application as quickly as possible.

** Submission of an application DOES NOT guarantee approval for fostering or adopting **

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